Is The Akai MPK49 Keyboard A Good Choice?


The Akai MPK49 is a USB/MIDI controller keyboard that can help you both in-studio and on-stage. It helps you to create high-quality sounds time after time, all with the convenience that you desire. Read more and you will discover why the MPK49 is the perfect keyboard for all of your needs.

Akai- The best in Musical Performance

Akai is a leader in musical instruments. They’ve been in the business since 1984, during which time they have grown into one of the most popular, well-respected instrument companies around.
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Looking at the Akai MPK49

There are plenty of features included with the MPK49 keyboard. All of these features work together so that you can create beautiful music and so much more. Many of the keyboards being sold today fail to provide the features that this device does, making it much more difficult to create exactly what you want. But, thanks to the MPK49 you can eliminate all of that hassle and get the sounds that you want.

Benefits of the MPK49 Keyboard

When you purchase the MPK49 keyboard you will have a 49-key, 12-pad, 8-fader and 8-knob USB MIDI keyboard controller that allows you to command audio over your computer and workstation. Aftertouch is included with the semi-weighted keys so that you find amazing performance time after time and note after note. There are 12 genuine MPC pads and 8 full-size sliders with 3 controller banks for a total of 24 sliders. These features allow you to tweak and mix any MIDI assignable parameter just how you want it. No more songs that sound something like what you want. You can always get exactly what you want and need.

akai mpk49 keyboard
Thanks to the Plug and Play USB connection there is no driver installation required. Simply plug-in and you are ready to create your music instantly. This USB works for both PC and Mac and is a great choice for Reaper, Studio One, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Ableton and many others. The included Avid Pro Tools Express is also a wonderful feature. It allows you to get started as soon as you open the box.

Built-in MPC technologies such as the Note Repeat help you automatically perform a rhythm pattern so that it is accurate and at the speed that you want. MPC Swing is also included, enabling hip hop beats to be delivered as precisely as you want.

More Features to Love

Take a look at some of the many other features that you will find with the use of this outstanding keyboard:

  • 8 full-size, 360-degree rotation pots with three banks each
  • 12 MPC-style velocity and pressure sensitive pads
  • 8 full-size sliders with three controller banks each
  • Easy-to-read custom LCD display
  • MMC/MIDI Start/Stop Transport buttons
  • Arpeggiator included

Everyone Loves the MPK49 Keyboard

There have been so many people who have used the MPK49 keyboard controller. Most of those people have nothing but phenomenal things to say about the device. There are so many positive things being said about the keyboard. Check out a few of those things.

For example, Abigail G. of Dallas says ‘I definitely understand why the MPK49 keyboard is considered the hottest around because it is such an amazing device. It delivers quality, outstanding performance and so very much more but still provides awesome pricing and more. I love my keyboard!”

Another satisfied customer, Mr. Jonathan Q. Butler of Atlanta said “ I have been playing music for just over 10 years now and must say there is no better keyboard out there. It has a ton of features that most of the keyboards leave behind, and it is so easy to use no matter if you are at home or on the go. This is a keyboard I think everyone can greatly benefit from.”

With such outstanding remarks being made from these two satisfied customers (and the many others,) you can see that this is a keyboard certainly worth its weight and its attached price tag.

The Bottom Line

What is not to love about the Akai MPK49 keyboard? As you can see there are a ton of features and so much that you can enjoy. It is affordably priced so that anyone can easily afford to make the purchase, and a keyboard that is absolutely worth every single penny that is spent for the machine. If you are serious about your music, get serious and purchase this keyboard controller. It will change the way that you make music!

Buying the MPK49

If you like what you have heard so far it is now time to seal the deal and make the purchase. The keyboard is available for well under $300 and can be found on the Akai website directly as well as numerous other online retailers. Consumers can also find the keyboard available at select music stores across the world.


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