The Akai MPK88 Keyboard Controller

The Akai MPK88

Akai MPK88 is a professional grade keyboard controller with MPC production controls. It sets the standards in a keyboard controller and makes it easy for anyone to play music exactly to their specifications.  Whether you are someone who plays on stage or one who is in the studio, the MPK88 from Akai is a name that you can always trust.

A Look at Akai

Akai has set a name for themselves over the past 35 years. They’ve been producing quality instruments and controllers since the 1980s, always creating instruments that get the job done the right way. When you want quality that surpasses the other guys, Akai is the only name that you need to know.

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Take Charge with the MPK88

The MPK88 keyboard controller puts you in charge. It is designed close in style to the MPK49, the world’s first keyboard to offer MPC pads. The keyboard controller is perfect for a quality performance, with a fully weighted, hammer-action keyboard with Q-Link controls, MPC pads and many other MPC technologies. If you are not on stage in front of an audience do not worry as you can still find the many benefits of this keyboard controller, whether you are a production artist or a Dj inside of the club.

Features of the MPK88

The Akai MPK88 offers an 88-key keyboard with 16 different genuine MPC pads. It is fully-weighted and features aftertouch so you can express your melodies in perfect harmony. The MOC pads are velocity-sensitive so that you can always capture every bit of your creative concept. The pads access four banks of sounds for a total of 64 samples available with the touch of a button.

The dedicated transport controls are within easy reach so you can control all of the most important tracking and editing controls. There are modulation and pitch-bend wheels as well as two assignable footswitch inputs that allow you to connect an expression pedal or continuous controller.

Akai MPK88 Keyboard Controller
Included with the MPK88 is the Avid Pro Tools Express. Pro Tools offers 16 stereo or mono audio tracks with Boom, Xpand!2 and Structure with free player virtual instruments included from AIR Music Technology. There are also more than two dozen high-powered effect plug-ins included. With this software there is no waiting to begin using your instrument. Once it is taken out of the box you are ready to go without hesitation.

Q-Link is one of the most important input devices on the MPC. It offers an assignable control section with 8 virtual knobs that you can assign to almost any software parameter. There are three different parameters per knob with a total of 24 parameters for instant control.

How do others Rate the MPK88?

There have been many people to try the MPK88 keyboard, all of whom have been left with a great impression of the product. If you try it for yourself you could be the next with many positive things to say.

Here are a couple of things that users had to say about the keyboard. Learning these things makes it so much easier to decide if this is the keyboard right for your needs.

I was very excited about my purchase of the MPK88 keyboard and once I received it I was even more thrilled with it. The weighted keys make it easy to play music and I love the many other features offered, all of which make it so much easier to play the music that I want to play, just as I want it to sound. I do not think there is a better keyboard out there for the low price.”

“ Thanks to the MPK88 keyboard controller I am playing the music I want exactly how I want it to sound. Some of the other equipment out there makes it nearly impossible to achieve this task. This keyboard is one that has earned top honors in my book and is a piece that I would recommend that anyone own.”

How to Buy the MPK88

The MPK88 keyboard controller can be purchased at a great price from any retailer selling high-quality audio products and instruments. You can buy it directly from the Akai website as well as from a number of other retailers on the web. Additionally you will find the MPK88 available at numerous retail locations. The web is the best way to find a retailer suitable to your needs.

The MPK88 is an incredible keyboard controller that delivers all that you want and need in a piece of equipment. It is affordable for any budget and makes it easy to create quality music time after time. When you want a quality piece of equipment that does not limit your budget or your creativity, do not look any further than this piece. It will live up to all of your expectations and so much more.

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