American Audio VLP 1500 Amp Review

American Audio VLP 1500 Amp Review

Are you searching for an amp that is affordable yet still has plenty of great features included with it? You should take a look at the American Audio VLP-1500 Power Amp if you are in need of a high-quality yet affordable amp. It will certainly exceed your expectations, and with the American Audio name backing the product you have even greater assurance.

Trust American Audio to take care of your needs

American audio isn’t a stranger to the music world. In fact, they have a solid history expanding for nearly 30 years. The company first began in 1985, and has grown to be one of the largest DJ and musical equipment suppliers in the US and around the world. Currently they have a Los Angeles headquarters, with dealers found throughout the country and in Argentina, Australia, Europe and many other countries. They keep customers happy with quality products backed with unbeatable prices, amazing customer service and so much more.

To reward their customers American Audio offers the ADJ Advantage Awards Program. It is free to join and well worth the few seconds that it takes to create an account. In this program you earn points with every American Audio purchase you make inside of the US. Those points are not redeemable for cash but they can be used to obtain great AA gear.   It is an awesome program and just one small way the company says thank you to all of their loyal customers.

A Feature Filled Amp

The VLP-1500 Amp Is priced to go and packed with the features that you love. With 750W RMS per channel and 4 ohms and 500W per channel at 8 ohms and 1,500 W RMS bridged mono with 8 ohms, this amp is certainly powerful and ready to take care of all of your musical needs.

The amp offers a slew rate of 15V per usec with an 8 ohm damping factor with 20 0hms balanced impedance. Two individuals cool the amp, and users will find many other special features that keep this amp a top choice, including a high/low pass filter, input sensitivity selector, a limiter and a ground lifer, as well as a binding post.


Real Customer Reviews are Available

Real customer reviews of the VLP-1500 Amp are available and can provide you with reassurance when in need of a high-quality amp that isn’t a waste of your money. Many reviews of the product are available, and we’d like to share what a few happy customers had to say.

DJ D. offered this statement about the VLP-1500 amp: “I have owned this amp for about one-year now, and so far, so good. I appreciate that it is so easy to use and capable of working all night long with complete ease and no overheating. For the price it comes highly recommended in my book!”

Along with DJ’s statement, take a look at what Paul M. had to say: “This amp really rocks and I can say that it really lives up to all that you are hoping for. I was actually quite surprised at how affordable it was when I really saw for myself what this amp was capable of doing. This is really a quality amp worth your money and your use.”

Craig R. was also very happy with the amp. He says: “The VLP-1500 Amp is absolutely amazing at sold at a price that you will not believe. It really rocks and allows you to put out some of the best music you will ever hear. I am so happy that this is a product I bought and think that anyone who wants to rock out should buy it as well.”

These are only a few of the people who have used the amp with positive results, and you can be certain there are many others out there just as happy. You could be one of those people, too!


Take Advantage of the Amp that offers it all

Backed by a 1-year warranty, you can purchase this amp with complete confidence in its ability to provide you with the best sounds any and every time. Combine that with the awesome features and superb quality you cannot go wrong! This amp is available online at the American Audio website in addition to numerous other retailers. It is in your best interest to compare before you buy so the best price is always found. The average price for the amp is $349, an absolutely unreal deal for an amp with such power and capabilities.

This is the amp that does it all and you should not delay purchasing it a moment longer! Whether you are a professional or simply someone who loves to rock out for fun, this is an excellent amp that will leave you impressed. Go check it out and see for yourself.

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