American Audio VMS2 Controller Review


If you are in the market for new equipment for the studio, take a look at the American Audio VMS2 2-Channel Midi Controller. This exceptional product delivers quality and functionality to all who use it, and with thousands of satisfied DJs, musicians and producers who already understand this, it is a product that you should look at when you are in need. Continue reading as we reveal the information you need on this great DJ controller that will certainly benefit your life in many positive ways. You will love what you hear about this great product.

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What is the VMS2?

The VMS2 is a 2-channel midi controller that comes complete with Virtual DJ LE Software. The controller offers two MIDILOG channels that are compatible with other analog inputs, as well as one microphone unit, balanced XLR outputs, and a 4 in 4 Out Sound card that is already built in. Combined with the powerful DSP D-Core audio engine, this product brings you all that is needed to help you become the best DJ out there.

For any DJ who wants to rock the party without rocking his nerves, this system makes it totally easy to play your favorite songs with simplicity. The controller can play MP3 tracks from a laptop, and there is also the option to add CD players and turntables to the equation if you choose. You can easily pack up and travel from location to location with your DJ equipment without any hassles or troubles, and it is all thanks to this easy to use controller.

Enjoy the Array of Features

The numerous features on the controller keep the customers happy. One of those features is a Crossfader Curve Adjustment. With this adjustment you can easily change the volume of the sound all across the controller. Any good DJ knows that a great curve adjustment is always needed. Other features include a 3-band equalizer, Booth & Master outputs, 39 MIDI buttons with LED illumination, a 4 in 4 out audio interface, 34 assignable rotary controllers, 10 assignable rotary controllers and a dual layer MIDI control on all buttons and switches on the controller.

With the controller purchase you also receive rack rails so that you can mount it to a 19-inch rack mount case. This is more than possible to do with its light size. At a weight of just 9 pounds, the controller is lightweight so that it is easy to use no matter where you are playing.

Customers have their Say

As mentioned earlier, this popular product has reached the studios and homes of thousands of musicians around the world. Those who have been able to gain first-hand experience with the product couldn’t be any happier with the results.

Take a look for yourself. There are tons of reviews found online, all without any cost of course. There’s also a slew of testimonials and other information available as well, all with a quick search of the web. Take the time to read this information and you can gather a clear opinion of this product and what makes it exceptional. In the meantime we’d like to share with you what a couple of users have said.

Jerome H. of New England says: “ This controller is built like a rock, and I really appreciate this feature more than anything in the world. Aside from its durable, tough design, there’s plenty of other impressive features that make this a winner in my book as well. Those features include the Crossfader Cruve adjustment, LED illumination on a touchscreen device and more. This is a controller I recommend to any and all DJs.”

Jerome isn’t the only happy DJ using the American Audio controller. Take a look at the remarks left by Tanisha K. of New York City. “ This has been a great addition to my life and a product that everyone should use if they want to rock the party time after time. It is solid, it is durable, and it is priced at a cost that anyone can appreciate.”

Where to Buy the American Audio VMS2

The VMS2 controller is sold directly on the American Audio website, as well as several other retailers both online and in major cities. It is priced competitively with other controller brands, but it certainly exceeds most others in the price range. It is a good idea to do a bit of comparison before you purchase, as this is the best way to get the price you want on the controller.

What we think

The 2-Channel MIDI controller from American Audio is an exceptional product that will help you become an exceptional DJ. It is priced affordably,   features tons of extras, and really outshines the competition in performance. It is well-worth your consideration as well as purchase when you want to be the best at what you do.

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