Ampeg BA115 Combination Speaker

Ampeg BA115 Combination Speaker Reviewed

Not everyone is a master at their craft. But if you’re a musician, at any level, you deserve to have the best sound, right? You shouldn’t settle for weak sound just because you’re just learning how to play. Or, if you’ve been playing a while, why settle for less than the best?

It’s hard to find a good amp nowadays, isn’t it? A lot of them are far out of a semi-pro and/or amateur’s price range and the ones that are end up being lower quality than you want. What if it was easy to find an inexpensive bass-combo amp with the same quality that you’d see in higher class venues? Now, it is.

Ampeg BA115 Combination Speaker
Whether you’re an amateur that likes to jam, a semi-pro that needs a portable bass speaker for a gig, or a pro that needs some extra sound for those small gigs, you should consider the Ampeg BA115 for all of your combo bass amp needs.

What is the Ampeg BA115?

The Ampeg BA115 is a powerful combination speaker that can be used in a small to medium sized venue. It has a variety of features that will allow even the most amateur of performers to achieve an excellent mix of sound without a lot of fuss. The controls are easy to understand and the power output is top-notch.

The Ampeg BA115 is a member of Ampeg’s “starter series” of bass amps.  These amps are easy to use, quick to set up and absolutely stellar for use on stage or in a studio setting. The best part is, especially if you’re a beginner, you can easily decipher the mixing and tuning process, without a lot of complicated buttons and knobs.

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What features does the Ampeg BA115 have?

There are a variety of features of the Ampeg BA115 that make it unique. They include, but are not limited to the following:

–          100 watts of rocking power

–          15 inches of speaker

–          5 tone style selector and 3 band tones that are easy to adjust

–          Master and gain controls

–          XLR line out that can hook up to any system

–          Headphone jack for those solo jam seasons

–          RCA inputs so you can jam out before your show

–          Tilt back cabinet so you can adjust to any angle you may need

Pretty sweet deal, isn’t it?  Everything you want from a portable amp, and even more that you may have never considered, for a low price that any rocker can afford.

Are Customers Satisfied?

Absolutely! Many music makers have absolutely loved the Ampeg BA115 and used it for variety of musical purposes, in a variety of venues. I know it’s hard to believe that you can get such amazing quality out of such a small, inexpensive piece of equipment, but it’s absolutely true!

Check out these testimonials from satisfied owners of this awesome speaker:

“Sounds great set flat. It also has tons of flexibility by using the style selector and then tweaking that with the 3 tone controls. The tilt is key. I use it even if I’m not that close to the amp. It really opens up the sound, plus you can hear the mids and highs better. It’s got a nice warm accurate sound…” – Jason F.

“The sound is awesome! I had good expectations since my main rig is an SVT4Pro but I didn’t expect it to be this powerful and full with just 100 watts, but I may use this for smaller gigs. It has an excellent range of sound, and while it suits my taste well.” – Jack K.

“For a solid state combo that packs a serious punch this is the amp you want! Legendary Ampeg tone and quality all in one portable unit. You need no enhancement for the sound. The tones you can get from this amp are almost limitless if you know what you’re doing. I never did record with it, but I did play many live gigs with it, and it was a very dependable unit. It has enough bottom and punch to fill up a small to medium venue by itself.” – Ken J.

See? Dependable Ampeg quality, great sound, amazing punch and endless flexibility make the BA115 one of the best portable pieces of sound equipment out there. If you’re looking for a portable bass amp in order to rock out on the go, it’s definitely an option for you and/or your band or group.

Give the Ampeg BA115 a try, and hear the Ampeg difference in your sound, no matter who you are or where you may be!

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