Ampeg SVT CL Bass Amp Review

 Ampeg SVT CL Bass Amp Review To Help You Make The Best Choice

The Ampeg SVT CL is an amazing amp designed for bass players who want to keep their crowd on their toes, pumped and energized, enjoying every single moment of the performance they are sitting in for. Offered from American Audio, this popular amp is priced affordably so more people can add it to their list of accessories. It is also high-quality and long-lasting, all features users can greatly appreciate.

Understanding American Audio and their History

When you need to purchase musical equipment you want to make sure that you are purchasing high-quality products that will help you rock the stage. What you don’t want to do is go broke to do it. With American Audio products you can attain affordable products and quality all in the same item.

Making their start in 1985, American Audio is a trusted provider of DJ equipment, lighting and musical instrument accessories. During the nearly 30 years they’ve been around, American Audio has been able to build a reputable background and a name that people have come to learn on when they  want quality and affordably combined.

With the reputable name, quality products and great prices, American Audio is certainly a name you can count on to provide you with the products that you want and need.

The Ampeg SVT CL

The Ampeg SVT CL is one of the most popular amps offered from American Audio. It is filled with a number of features and benefits while labeled with an unbelievable price. The Ampeg delivers a strong performance with rich sound that blends together wonderfully. As an all-tube amp, you get a 300-watt, powerful amp that will help you capture all of your favorite sounds from the 60s and the 70s.

Ampeg SVT CL Bass Amp Review
Each tone that you play offers authentic sounds. Using the amp will certainly bring music to your ears! This amp sounds so amazing and products so much quality sound it is endorsed by a number of top-name celebrities. They endorse the product because it is so amazing and they are confident in the amp’s ability to provide quality and beautiful sound. Celebrities that endorse this amp include George Clinton, Gene Simmons, Dave Farrell and many others.

Other features include Neutrik SpeakOn outputs, user bias adjustment and complete tube protection, a 5-position mid tone control selector, 3-band tone controls and preamp out and power amp in functions. So, as you can see, this is truly an amp that does it all while delivering it all at the same time!

The Real Results of the SVT CL

There is no better way to learn about a product than by asking those who have used it. This alone can make or break a purchase, and if you are interested in learning what others have to say, you will be glad to know there are plenty of free reviews available on the web. Additionally we offer to you a couple of statements from those who have been overjoyed with their amp.

There are many reviews out there, including that from Olivia L. of Jackson, Mississippi. Olivia says: “I purchased this amp after learning that my favorite rockstar, Gene Simmons, endorsed this product. I am glad that I did and I certainly am happy that I bought it because when I play bass, this amp amplifies it to the fullest extent.”

Along with this statement from Olivia, Reba V. of St. Paul, Minnesota had many great things to say. His statement:  “The Ampeg SVT CL really rocks out when you want and need it to bring you the richest, most vibrant and enticing sounds possible. American Audio really did it out with themselves on this product, and it is a product that is well worth the money. I recommend it for everyone!”

Chances are you will have very similar, great things to say when you choose to buy this bass amp. There’s no better way to learn the truth about a product than to use it yourself, and that is a great way to form your own opinion.

Is this Product worth your Hard-Earned Money?

After reading all of this it should not be hard to understand this is an amazing amp that is well worth your money. It is in your best interest to make the purchase without delay so you are not missing out on the high-quality, rocking performance’s that you aim to offer all who are in your crowd. You will find it sold at American Audio’s website as well as many other websites as well as distributors across the world. It is offered at an incredible price, but you will want to compare before actually spending any money so you get the best price. Once you find it do not delay the purchase. This is the bass amp that you need in your life.

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