Squier Jazz Bass

It’s time for you to get a new bass guitar, but you aren’t sure which ones that you want to check out? One great option, especially if you are someone that digs Fenders, is the Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass. This electric bass guitar is enjoyed by people around the world, from those who jam at bars and clubs to those who are rocking out in front of millions of people every year. Let’s take a closer look.


Squier Jazz Bass

If you know Fender, you look at this bass guitar and see Fender written all over it. The classic white over basswood with a tortoiseshell pickguard screams that this is a Fender guitar. The bridge is great, and the vintage fret neck really makes this guitar look like the classic that it truly is. But the great thing is that it doesn’t feel like a vintage guitar; the updated Squier Jazz Bass model is a lot easier to play due to its design. It’s also versatile and has a variety of options available for you to play with in order to get that perfect sound.

Pros of the Squier Jazz Bass

– It’s great for beginners who are still trying to get a grip on the basics of playing the bass. Many people use the Squier Jazz Bass as their first bass guitar.
– The Squier Jazz Bass is incredibly affordable and can fit in anyone’s budget.
– The Squier Jazz Bass is versatile; it doesn’t just play jazz as its name suggests. Metal, rock, country, or jazz; people have played all of them on this bass.
– This bass guitar is incredibly attractive and the classic vintage look is very appealing to many people.
– For those who have played the bass for awhile, it’s very easy to make adjustments and additions to this bass in order to enhance your playing experience.

squier jazz bass

Cons of the Squier Jazz Bass

– Some customers believe that, even though it’s a great beginner bass, it’s not meant for those who have been playing for a long time.
– Some people believe that the pickups look and feel cheap and they frequently worried about them falling off. This is a matter of taste instead of a rule; you really have to check it out for yourself to see if you feel the same way.
– Some customers say that the Squier Jazz Bass is unable to work under the regular wear and tear of frequent use; screws may pop off and strings may have problems. Many of these issues can be corrected by a repair service for instruments or the store which you purchased the bass from.


• Body: Basswood
• Finish: Polyester
• Neck: 1-Piece Maple, Modern C-shaped
• Fingerboard: Maple, 9.5″ (241 mm)
• Frets: 20, Vintage Style
• Scale Length: 34″ (864 mm)
• 1.5″ (38 mm)
• Chrome
• Open gear tuning machines
• HiMass, 4-saddle bridge with brass barrel saddles
• 3-ply tortoise shell with thumbrest
• Strings: (.045, .065, .080, .100) Nickel Plated Steel

Customer Testimonials

Want to see what other bass players have to say about the Squier Jazz Bass before you check it out yourself? Here are some of the things that people are saying about the Squier Jazz Bass.
“If you are looking for a great low priced bass, look no further. It truly has that “Classic Vibe” The fit and finish is flawless, I really like the vintage tint on the neck. The tone is great for any style. I would recommend this bass to anyone no matter what your skill level is. It is truly a great bass.” – Mike F.

“After reading tons about it on line i finally decided to stop and pick one up. It had great tone, and the sound was very beefy. Also the neck felt great if not better than a Fender Jazz I played a few months back. When i got it home I noticed its crystal clear sound which really got me happy. You can get many different sounds out of it too.” – Tyler S.

“As for the 4 Star rating, I do not give any instrument a 5 Star rating without first subjecting it to a “gig test. Recently, I tried out the Classic Vibe Jazz Bass at a music store, and was truly impressed. In my opinion, the Jazz Bass was always the all-around super bass and the bass-counterpart of the Stratocaster (my favorite guitar). The Jazz Bass has a wider variety of tones than the Precision Bass. The action is great.” – Pete M.

Now that you’ve seen what other people have to say, how about you go and check out a Squier Jazz bass for yourself? The cool sound and great riffs may be enough for you decide to take it home as well.