Korg Zero 4 Control Mixer

Get to know the Korg Zero 4

Musicians looking for the best in equipment need not look very far. The Korg Zero 4 Control Mixer is the all-in-one station designed to help not only musicians but performers, mixers and producers alike. This device isn’t for the weak. It is a powerful mixer for the seriously talented. Here we will look at the Zero 4 and see why so many people are talking about it.

The Korg Quality Name

Korg is no new contender to the world of musical equipment. In fact they have been producing various pieces of musical equipment for more than 50 years now. They are known for their quality standards and impeccable musical equipment, and the Zero 4 Live control mixer certainly meets all of the expectations that you have for the brand.

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You can count on producing beautiful music cut just the way that you want it when you have this amazing mixer in your studio. It can be used without a computer, and its compact, all in one design makes it more than possible to move from location to location with ease.

Korg Zero Live 4 Features

There’s a ton to love about the Zero Live. Take a look at all of the enticing features that it will bring your way and discover for yourself why so many musicians choose this as their number one controller choice.

First, there is the high quality music that you will produce. This is thanks to a 24-bit, 48 kHz high resolution audio inside. There are also a ton of other analog components that make this a good choice. This includes the quality sound, 18 volt power supply, mic preamps with low impedance and a no AC adapter universal design.

Users will appreciate the variety of equalizers that are available. There are a total of 11 different simulation types available, enabling you to easily change the range of music that you are creating while enabling you to customize those sounds just the way that you ant it. You can filer the sounds and characteristics and more. There are also a ton of other powerful effects associated with this Zero. There is a four-channel sterol, master effects that are connected the two sampler/effect buss and a loop sampler that you can easily isochronize.

What are Other People Saying?

There have been so many people to use the Zero from Korg, and joining this list will make you one happy musician. Take a look at these happy customers and what they had to say.

Wayne T. of NYC said: “I really enjoy using this controller. It is so easy and has all of the best features, the thing that you won’t find with the other guys. It is affordably priced and powerful and the one and only type of controller I will ever use.”

Kevin B. of Detroit, MI also had many great words to say: “The Korg Zero 4 impressed me from the moment that I was introduced and I must say that it only contained to do so after I bought it. I love the effortless recording that comes standard with this piece of equipment, as well as the numerous features and functions that are offered. This is truly the all in one system that gets the music that you want to record.”

Is the Korg Zero 4 Control Mixer for You?

There is not a soul out there who cannot benefit from the use of the Korg Zero if they produce music. This is the controller that creates beautiful music, your music…the music that you want. Do not leave a good thing behind when it can benefit you so very much.