Korg D3200 Digital Recording Studio

Experience a New World of Recording with the Korg D3200 Digital Recording Studio

If you are looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one studio for use at home, take a look at the Korg D3200. This home studio recorder is filled with the tools and features that are needed to make recording something that you love to do even more. You will be able to easily produce top tracks with this home studio, all without breaking the bank to own the piece.

A Look at the Korg D3200

The Korg D3200 digital recording studio is perfect for anyone serious about making music. This all in one device makes it possible to record music with no computer needed. This makes the recording studio easy and hassle-free for those looking for simplicity in their life.

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Some of the best features that you will find with the use of the D3200 include a 32-track recorder and a dedicated sterol master track with the ability to provide you with a total of 272 different tracks. You will find the ability to record up to 12 tracks simultaneously with your choice of 16 or 24 bit. There is a record and playback feature that makes it easy to see what you’ve produced, as well as a number of editing tools that help you perfect that song that you’ve created.

These awesome features are only the beginning of the things that you can enjoy. With the D3200 you can find 11 simultaneous effects with each song, high quality REMS mic and phantom power. There is also a dynamic fader with scene automatic with 100 scenes per song, as well as session drums. Other important features include the dedicated guitar input, tuner, the high speed 2.0 USB drive and an internal CD-RW for making CDs, mixing and mastering and as a backup.

Korg D3200 Digital Recording Studio
The D3200 is easy to use, and you won’t have to be an expert or someone with experience recording tracks. Once you take it out of the box there is an easy to use manual that will take you through the process of putting the recording studio to use.

What Others are Saying

There have been plenty of satisfied D3200 users who want the world to know about the amazing product they have found. You can easily find free reviews scattered about the web, including on the Korg website. In the meantime, check out what a couple of the satisfied customers have to say.

Michael B. of Nashville, TN says this about the D3200: “I’ve used other recording studios but must say that the D3200 from org has been the very best of them all. I love how simple this thing is –I want to make music and this device makes it possible to do without delay. It is loaded with features and produces quality sounds and music with each recording that you make.”

Leslie A. of Jacksonville, FL says: “I want to thank Korg for the amazing D3200 recording studio. It has everything that I love and it is so easy to use. Plus the price is unbelievable. I highly recommend this recording studio to anyone who is serious about making music and making their life as simple and carefree as possible.

Is this the Recording Studio for You?

The Korg 3200 recording studio is the recording studio perfect for you! Its many features and low price are just two of the reasons that every artist will want to get their own on this impeccable recording studio.  When you are serious about making the best music, take a look at the Korg D3200. It is available at a dealer near you and will change the way that you create music forever!