A Look at the American Audio Radius 1000

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The American Audio’s Radius 1000 CD/ MP3 controller offers a helping hand to DJs as well as a computer. It is a professional device that makes it so much easier to control and create amazing music no matter how you plan to do it. Take a look at this information and determine for yourself why this is the one and only controller that you will ever need.

A Look at the American Audio Radius 1000

The professional CD and MP3 player has MIDI capabilities, making it easy to control your favorite music playback software. The device features a 6″ jog wheel, 9 on-board DSP effects, and a large bright display that shows track titles and artist ID tags. The Radius 1000 provides a red LED visual marker display that rotates around the jog wheel to show the reference point where the CD/MP3 disc is playing.

Those great features are only the start. Take a look at the American Audio Radius 1000 benefits and you will know you’ve found a winner. The device offers a slot load CD drive, quick MP3/CD disc recognition, advanced track search that allows you to search for a new track even while you are playing a track, 10 seconds of anti-shock memory, seamless loop, 3 flash start buttons, digital BPM counter, and digital output with S/PDIF.

American Audio Radius 1000
The Radius 1000 offers the chance to play MP3, CD and CD-R discs with MIDI software that is compatible via USB. You can control up to 8 MIDI channels at one time, with a display that shows you the track titles and the name of the artists when they are played. And, with quick MP3/CD recognition and track and folder search you can keep things simple and easy in your life.

More things for you to Love

The benefits of owning this device do not stop! There is plenty more for you to love. Did you know that this device allows you to play a track and search for another. There is a PowerTouch advanced digital scratching system as well as 2 scratching modes- Digital Scratch mode and Beat Juggle mode, as well as a Tempo Lock and Instant Start.

There are 9 on-board effects including Scratch, Echo, Filter, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan , Bop and Trans. There is a 6 inch jog wheel with LED and cue marker with adjustable LED effects as well as a 3 mode Jog Wheel Normal, Scratch and Auto Cue Scratch.

The device features FX sync adjustments and time and ratio adjustment for digital FX. A 10-second anti-shock feature with TAP button for manual BPM and red LED visual market display makes it easy to reference the point in which the disc is playing.

As you can see there are a ton of benefits that can be yours when you own the Radius 1000. These benefits only highlight some of the most impressive features, and owning the device will show you there are many other things that you can love.

What do others Say?

There are thousands and thousands of people who use this device who would never consider using anything else. They love the ease of the machine as well as all of the benefits that are offered.

A very happy Carl M. of Manhattan says that he has never purchased a device so amazing. He says that he loves everything about it and would never use anything else, even if someone gave it to him at no cost. That is a lot of confidence in a machine!

Another happy customer, Alexa P. of Boston says the same things. She really loves how easy it is to use the mixer as well as the benefits that come with it.

These are only a couple of things that satisfied users have had to say about the device. There is no question you would offer positive remarks, too, and there is but one way to learn this and that is with the purchase.

How to Buy

If you want to buy the American Audio radius 1000, the device is available directly on the company website. It can also be found at other locations offering audio and sound equipment and through select stores across the United States and Europe. The cost of the device will vary but you can always expect it to come to you priced reasonably and at a cost you will love.

The Bottom Line

This is the machine of all machines, and anyone who is looking to make their life easier will make sure this machine is included in their life. As you can see there are a ton of benefits that could be yours. Why work with the other machines that may or may not provide you what you need when this device is around? Go ahead and make the purchase and make the music that you love.