American Audio VMS4 Turntable

A Look at the American Audio VMS4 Turntable

The VMS4 is a 4-Channel “MIDILOG” controller that fuses both Midi software and analog audio control into a single unit. It is an open source controller that can be used with any Midi audio software titles using it’s built-in USB port. The quality workmanship of the VMS4 makes it durable for a demanding mobile or club professional DJ.

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What is the VMS4?

The VMS4 features American Audio’s signature “Velocity” touch-sensitive jog wheels plus so much more, including a full-function mouse pad, Midi assignable touch strips and high-quality channel and cross-faders. The all-in-one unit has all the features found on top-of-the-line professional mixers as well, including: Balanced XLR outputs, Gain, Treble, Mid and Bass for each Midilog channel, crossfader assign and curve, and 2 Microphone Inputs with Treble, Mid and Bass control.

American Audio VMS4 Turntable
There is a version that also comes with an exclusive version of the legendary acclaimed Trakto software. Take a look at some of the benefits that can be yours when you own this turntable.

Benefits of the VMS4

There is plenty to love about the VMS4 turntable. Take a look at some of those benefits and learn for yourself why there is no better turntable out there for the money.

First, you get a 4X Midilog channels that are compatible with any Midid Learn software or analog input. You get 2X mics with Treble, Gain, Mid and Bass controls and crossfader curver adjustment. You can also find balanced XLR outputs with assignable touch strips and a built-in mouse pad.

There is also a built-in soundcard with bundled virtual DJ LE software. All audio control faders, knobs, buttons and switches are smoothed so popping, wiper noise and zipper noises are all eliminated. This turntable features 2 phono/line selectable analog channels and two microphone channels with illuminated rubber knobs that makes it easy to use even when it is dark in your surroundings. Should the computer crash the full analog mixer operation is available.

Think the features stop there? Think again as there is still plenty to love about this turntable. How does two 10-bit resolution pitch sliders sound to you? How about 62 assignable MIDI buttons and switches, or the 50 MIDI buttons? There are also 34 assignable rotary controllers and 5 assignable linear fader controllers.

What do Others Say about the VMS4?

The VMS4 is an amazing turntable as you can probably see from all of the benefits that we have told you about. But, what are other users saying about the device? There are plenty of great things that are being said. Take a look at what a couple of satisfied users had to say.

‘ I am so glad that I purchased this super amazing turntable. It offers me so much and at a price that I could not refuse. It is amazing and that is the only way that you can describe the machine. It is for all DJs who want to produce quality music for the crowd.’

‘ The American Audio VMS4 is awesome! I really love everything about it, especially how easy it is to use. I would recommend that all DJs try this one out for themselves. They’ll certainly see all of the benefits and fall in love with the turntable.’

While there are many turntables on the market none are quite as great as this one from American Audio. As you can see there are plenty of benefits to owning this machine and many people who love it.

There is no question you will be one of those individuals, but you must make the purchase in order to do this. It is a turntable that you will absolutely love while you make great music and keep the crowd pumped and entertained minute after minute.

Should you Buy the VMS4?

If you are a DJ who believes in providing the crows with what they love without causing yourself stress and a headache, this is the perfect device for all of your needs. It is easy-to-use even if you are a beginner, as well as easy-to-set-up. It is priced far better than many of the other turntables that do not offer half of the features. When you want quality without cost, this is definitely the turntable perfect for your needs. Do not trust your needs to any other brand of turntable when this one is here for you.

How to Buy the VMS4

Buying the VMS4 is so easy to do! If you have access to the World Wide Web pay a visit to the American Audio website. Here you will find the turntable available and ready for your purchase. It costs less than $400 here. If you prefer you can also purchase the turntable at various other online retailers and DJ and audio shops. The turntable can also be found at select retailers in your local area.