Ampeg SVT Classic Bass Amp

Ampeg SVT Classic Bass Amp – Does It Deliver The Goods?

Sometimes, you just want to kick it back a bit, don’t you? Go back to the old times of simple living? And with that, we think of the old music. Woodstock and other outdoor concerts that people remember fondly, lots of friends, fun, and teenage excitement.

Wouldn’t it be back to go back to those days? Well, even though we can’t go back to the 60’s and 70’s (some people try, but it doesn’t work), we can bring some of that quality sound back to modern day playing.

Introducing the Ampeg SVT Classic, which a great way to kick it back to old school sound without sacrificing modern quality.

What is the Ampeg SVT Classic?

The Ampeg SVT Classic is a classic tube-style bass head that screams the 60’s. This bass head uses tubes instead of the modern day system of using solid state amps. Some people worry that you use some of the advancements made in sound technology due to backtracking, but the Ampeg SVT Classic makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Ampeg SVT Classic Bass Amp

The SVT Classic is definitely an investment, but if you want the best in old-style sound technology, it’s worth the money you’ll spend on it. With proper care and transportation, you’ll be able to enjoy the sound of the 60’s for years to come by using the SVT Classic. Totally worth the investment.

What sorts of things am I getting with the Ampeg SVT Classic?

There are many awesome features to the Ampeg SVT Classic, but we’re just going to look at the most important ones that you’ll be using to rock out.

The Ampeg SVT Classic has 300W of tube power, contained in a 24″W x 11-1/2″H x 13″D frame. It weighs approximately 80 lbs. Some people do say that their only complaint about this beast is its size, but almost all of them also agree that the size is a worthwhile cost for how amazing the sound is.

In terms of mixing, the Ampeg SVT Classic has a 3 band tone, a five-way mid selector, and low and high boosts. This makes mixing your bass head easy and completely – no need for digging through a mess of dials and switches, no need for complicated sound engineer training. Just simple and quick mixing so you can get on with your jams.

Everyone wants to know what’s in the guts of their equipment, right? In the Ampeg SVT Classic, you’ll find tube protection circuitry, fans, and slave outputs. Accidents happen sometimes, so the tube protection circuitry will make sure that the precious tubes that make those sweet tones will stay safe. Fans keep the unit cool in order to help prevent surges and other electrical issues. The slave outputs help to keep your bass pumping at max power without causing outside electrical issues.

Need more proof?

Kicking it back old school is the way of the present. We go back and try to emulate those old school sounds, looks, and whatever else you can imagine. And if you’re looking for a way to get old sound without sacrificing quality, the Ampeg SVT Classic is the way to go. Still don’t believe me? Then don’t take my word for it; check out what these happy Ampeg SVT Classic owners have to say:

“Let’s get one thing straight, this is the tone you’re looking for. Every recording you love, every live band that blew you away, this is the tone they had or were trying to emulate. There isn’t any higher to go, this is the last amp you will buy.” – Tommy H.

“There is no substitute for tube sound. Period. I have used many high-end solid state heads and tube preamps to power an 80’s model Ampeg 8×10 cabinet over the years but my sound was always been lacking a certain something. I finally found what it was lacking with the SVT-CL. Tube compression and depth is where it’s at. No solid state amp will ever come close, ever.” – Jimmy T.

“Of all the bass amps I have used over the years nothing compares to the sound of an all tube ampeg. The simplicity of the new classic makes it even better. I have owned the original blue line back in the seventies, the new classic sounds a bit different but I find all the changes for the better.” – Bob H.

Good price, great value, amazing sound, and, best of all, the Ampeg name behind it all. Aren’t these the sorts of things that you want to hear about the bass head you’re using? Kicking it back old school has never sounded so great or been so easy. So, maybe you should consider an Ampeg SVT Classic for your next bass head.