Eventide Harmonizer Effects Processor

The Eventide Harmonizer Effects Processor is Perfect for You

If you are in need of a harmonizer, the Eventide harmonizer is the top choice for all of your needs. While some people feel they are unnecessary, they are vital in a studio whether it is inside of your home or outside. They are inexpensive yet provide so much great sound that cannot be matched. If you are someone who is serious about their music and producing quality sounds, the addition of a harmonizer to your life could be a life-changing decision.

Eventide Harmonizer Effects Processor

A Look at Eventide

Eventide began in 1970 by  two friends. One produced the effects while the other handled the designs. They invited a couple of others into the picture, and began producing high-quality equipment, including the Harmonizer. Now, more than 35 years later, the Eventide name is one that all who are within the industry trust and go toward when  they want quality products to produce amazing hits.

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With the name Eventide on the pallet you can rest confidently knowing you are getting a name that more people trust. They always go above and beyond to produce the equipment that can help musicians success. When you want to form a great impression of the equipment that you own, Eventide is the brand that will help you do it.

What is a Harmonizer?

A harmonizer is a device that samples incoming music while it offers different pitches and combine them together. Those perfect harmonies come together thanks to this simple device, and it takes only seconds of time to put it all together. Anyone inside of the studio looking to make an incredible song should have a harmonizer in their studio.

Benefits of the Eventide Harmonizer

Owning the Harmonizer from Eventide offers a slew of benefits that are sure to be appreciated by all who use it. There are several different harmonizers available from Eventide for you to choose from. All of those harmonizers work wonders.  Take a look at some of the awesome benefits that you will find with use of any of these harmonizers.

  • 10 Signature Stereo or Delay Effects
  • PitchFlex
  • Diatonic
  • Works well with other amps or foot pedals
  • MicroPitch
  • Downloadable content from the web
  • Quality studio sounds
  • Synchronizer
  • Built-In Tuner
  • Guitar or bass compatible
  • Upgradable Software
  • 200 different factory pre-sets
  • 10 Knobs offering real-time control, MDI or expression pedal
  • Tap Tempo
  • Guitar Level Inputs

The Harmonizer is made of cast metal construction so that it is strong and durable. And, it is easy to upgrade with software that is available on the web. You can use it with many different amps and foot pedals, and, you can use the wet/dry mix or other parameters.

As you can see there are a ton of benefits associated with the use of the harmonizer and these only begin to detail all of the things that you will receive using the harmonizer. All of the benefits could be yours, but you must first make the purchase. Great things are waiting to come to you!

The Opinions that Matter

What are other people saying about the Harmonizer from Eventide? Only positive things, of course! The Harmonizer is a device that can be found in almost all studios, and should be included in yours, as well. Here are a few things that customers have said about the Harmonizer.

‘ The Harmonizer is a one-of-a-kind device that has helped me in so many wonderful ways. I can produce any type of song that I want with ease, and with the numerous features, it is quite simple to deliver exactly what I want and need. I recommend that everyone make the purchase if they are serious about their music.’

‘ Eventide has an amazing harmonizer that produces quality in no time at all. It was an affordable purchase that I am glad that I made. I recommend all who are serious about creating great music own this one piece of equipment.’

Wow! Those people seem to be quite pleased with what they’ve found. You will be too, but you must make the purchase to find out.

Do you need a Harmonizer?

There is no question that you need a Harmonizer, and if you are ready to buy a quality device, the Eventide is perfect for you! The device is a vocal processor but it is so much more than that. It is multi-functional and can be used on guitar, keyboards, drums and so much more.

How to Buy the Harmonizer

If you’re ready to change the way you make music, the Harmonizer from Eventide is the perfect piece of equipment for you. It is easy to buy the piece. Simply visit the Amazon website. You will find the Harmonizer available at minimal costs, all of which you are going to be more than comfortable paying thanks to its many features and outstanding performance.