Korg PA500 Keyboard Review

Korg PA500 Keyboard Review – We Uncover The Facts

Do you like to rock the keys? Do you enjoy playing the keyboard and/or arranging music with it? Do you play with a band and absolutely love it? If you’re a keyboard player, you want the very best in sound and technology, no matter where you play, right?

Korg PA500 Keyboard Review

Korg’s series of products are especially for people just like you. Their technology is some of the best out there, and the quality of sound and arrangements that you get from their products is second to none. If you’re looking for a product that will give you quality sound, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, then one of the keyboard arrangers that you should consider reviewing is the Korg Pa500.

What is the Korg Pa500?

The Korg Pa500, released in 2008, is one of the most innovative pieces of keyboard technology out there. With hundreds of styles, sounds, and effects built right into the machine and ready to roll when you get it from the manufacturer, this is the perfect piece of hardware to add to your collection, especially if you’re going to be arranging and composing in your home.

What features does the Korg Pa500 have?

Here are the out-of-box features that the Korg Pa500 has, with no fuss and a small bit of a learning curve involved in pushing the keyboard to its fullest potential.

–          61 key keyboard with Velocity

–          Objective Portable Operating System (OPOS) and Real eXperience technology (RX)

–          EDS (Extended Definition Synthesis) tone generator, with 80 voices, 80 oscillators, 3 band EQ, 4 multi-effect systems, and 124 effect types.

–          880 sounds, including a stereo piano, drum kits, and GM level 2 compatible sounds

–          User can put in 128 sounds and up to 64 drum kids

–          320 preloaded styles, with 448 available locations (64 user styles)

–          256 real-time performance locations

–          4 real-time keyboard tracks, 4 pad tracks

–          XDS crossfade dual sequencer player for song play with basic controls.

–          Quick Record Sequencer

–          Korg’s patented SongBook technology, complete with programmable music database, based on style play and song play modes. Fully customizable, great for live performances.

–          Compatible with all “i-Series” models of Korg.

–          4 assignable pads

–          Easy-to-use help system – hypertext, context, multiple languages.

–          Standard controls for volume, balance, octave transposition, master transposition, style changes, split, Arabic scales, user scales. Complete with joystick for pitch and modulation, a slider, and a switch.

–          Damper and assignable pedal inputs.

–          Left/mono unbalanced jack outputs.

–          Headphone outputs.

–          2 left/mono unbalanced line in jacks

–          MIDI input and output

–          USB to midi, USB connector

–          SD and MMC slots (up to 2 gb)

–          320×240 pixel touch screen display

–          2 dual core speakers, bass reflex slots

–          DC 12 V external power supply


Wow! Check out all of those features that are available with this awesome keyboard arranger. On top of that, here are some more statistics that you may want to know if you’re considering this keyboard. – Consumption: 15 Watts – Dimensions: (W x D x H) 42.2 x 15.9 x 7.5 Inches ( 1074 x 404 x 183 mm) — without music rest – Weight: 21.8 lbs (9,9 kg)


Along with that, it also includes a manual, an AC adapter a music stand, and a CD-ROM that contains the manual. There are a variety of awesome pedals that Korg also provides that are compatible with the Pa500; do some research and figure out which pedals are best for your particular needs.

Korg Pa500 Reviews

The Korg Pa500 is just one of many amazing Korg products out there. They’re known for great sound, amazing reliability, and fun flexibility in their products. Don’t believe me? Then perhaps you should check out what other people have to say about their Korg Pa500’s.

“The Korg PA500 piano offers great sound. All these sounds play with depth, accuracy, and they are very subtle and rich. With innovative features and technology advancements in a small package, it can’t be beaten. It’s a standout keyboard.” – Dan K.

“Tons of features for this price range. If you havent already read AMS’s description all the way through, you should. Being able to edit sounds on an arranger keyboard, to the extent that KORG allows you to is awesome. The best part is that you can download more styles than the standard 320 that it comes with.” – Dan J.

“The ability to over-write the factory settings for almost everything is very powerful. The “degrees of freedom” in this machine are phenomenal at this price point.” – Rick S.

So, if you’re looking for quality, flexibility, and freedom, the Pa500 may just be for you. Who wouldn’t want a keyboard with these great reviews? Check it out today and see for yourself!