A Look at the Akai MPK25 Keyboard


Are you in the market for a portable keyboard? If so the Akai MPK25 should be your choice. This keyboard offers so very much for you to love, all at a price that will be music to your ears. It isn’t often that an individual can find such a professional quality keyboard, but thanks to Akai it is more than possible.

Who is Akai?

Akai is a top instrument production company. They began producing quality instruments in 1984 and today continue to surpass the expectations of each and every musician who uses them. The 25 years of service proves the company knows what it takes to create instruments that make the music you want while keeping things simple and easy.

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The Akai Professional MPK25

The Akai MPK25 is designed with many of the same similarities of the MPK49. The MPK49 was the first keyboard to ever feature MPC pads. The newest version of the keyboard is scaled down just a bit, though it still offers 24 keys as well as perfect utility and flexibility for all who use it. This keyboard is smaller and more portable so it is great for use on the go. You can even fit the small footprint in your lap on an airplane or as you enjoy a relaxing time on the couch at home. You can truly begin playing and creating music whenever you want to. Talk about a ton of convenience.

A Look at the MPK25

The MPK25 offers a 25-key keyboard along with 12 genuine MPC pads. It is semi-weighted and offers after touch for melodic control. The MPC pads are pressure and velocity sensitive so that you are able to capture every single bit of your creative essence. With just a touch of a button you have access to 48 samples with four bank sounds. There are dedicated transport controls that help you to control some of the most important editing and tracking controls. This includes modulation and pitch-bend wheels as well as two assignable footswitch inputs and a footswitch for control of patch change and start and stop features.

Akai MPK25 Keyboard
There is a Q-Link assignable control section found on the input device. There are a total of 12 virtual knobs and four virtual buttons that can control any software parameter, with the ability to control two different parameters per Q-Link.

More Impressive Features

MPC Note Repeat and MPC Swing are note-modifying features that can be heard in many tracks that have been produced over the past two decades. MPC Note allows a rhythm pattern to automatically play while the MPC Swing is perfect for the creation of hip-hop music.  With this feature you can determine the degree as well as the timing of the pattern of music that you are creating.

An Arpeggiator is also featured on the MPK25 keyboard. This feature allows you to create quick and creative riffs in just a few seconds of time. There is also an MPC Full Level and MPC 12-Level on its pads with Tap Tempo and Time Division so you can perfect the tempo and timing as you want them to be.

Another feature that is sure to be appreciated with this keyboard is the USB cable that comes included with the product. You will find it easy to use no matter where you are at, and since it works with most MIDI recording software it is perfect for everyone in the music industry, whether an engineer, a performer or even a DJ.

Also included you will find the Ableton Live Lite Akai Edition. This performance and production program allows the individual  to compose, remix, record and edit their ideas in seamless audio.

What do other Musicians Say?

The MPK25 keyboard is quite impressive to all who have had the chance to use it. The keyboard sets the standards for a quality keyboard, and there are plenty of people who agree. Take a look at what a few people offered about this professional keyboard.

“ This keyboard is one of the very best portable boards I have ever had the chance to use. It is amazing in every possible way, from the price to the performance. For anyone looking to purchase a professional quality keyboard this should be the first one that you consider.”

“ There are a ton of keyboards on the market, but none of those quite compare to the amazing MPK25 portable keyboard. It has a ton of impressive features and a compact size that makes it so easy to use. I am so happy that I made the decision to purchase this keyboard.”

Is this Keyboard right for you?

The MPK25 keyboard is an amazing keyboard that can truly benefit all who use it. If you are looking for something that exceeds all of your expectations and more, this keyboard is the right choice for your needs.