American Audio Ampeg SVT 3 Pro Review

American Audio Ampeg SVT 3 Pro Review – We Help You Decide


Why spend money on an amp  that isn’t going to deliver your expectations when you can purchase the best-selling amp on the market and put those worries to rest? The American Audio Ampeg SVT 3 Pro is the best-selling amp on the market for a reason, and if you are looking for a rocking performance that doesn’t let you down, it is the one and only amp that you will ever need. If you want to know why this is a best-seller, continue reading and we will uncover all there is to know about this great amp that has customers impressed.

Who is American Audio?

Before we talk about this amazing product we should first let you learn a little bit about American Audio. It is always important to be comfortable with the business you are spending money with, and there is no better way to can confidence than by getting to know the company.

American Audio isn’t a new contender in the game, as they’ve proudly been serving musicians and professionals since 1985. They quickly become a leader in the industry by providing customers with quality, long-lasting products at affordable prices. They continue with that tradition today, and with the Ampeg SVT 3 Pro you will certainly understand this is true.

A Look at the Ampeg SVT 3 Pro

Standing before a crowd and performing is scary, but those fears can be minimized when you are working with an amp that you know will rock the crowds. The SVT 3 pro is that amp.

As one of the best-selling amps available, this model doesn’t just say they deliver, they back that up with many satisfied users. There are a ton of features found on this amp that you will appreciate, starting with the 450 watts of power delivered through tubes, as well as the frequency control settings that allow you to easily select and control the center frequency for midrange control. You are offered 220Hz, 450Hz, 700hz, 1.6 Hz and 3kHz of center frequencies, ensuring the perfect note is always attained in perfect harmony.

Along with all of those features the SVT 3 Pro amp   offers a 9-band Graphic equalizer. The EQ allows you to tailor your sound even greater than you could before, or use it to set up a foot switch cable, or a second channel for a special bass solo.

American Audio Ampeg SVT 3 Pro Review
The rackmount design can certainly be appreciated, as can its moderate size. Combined with powerful sound and  the Ampeg quality you want and need, this is the amp that all who want to play their bass to the max the chance to do so.

Other features that you can enjoy include input pad and a bright switch, mute switch and a tuner out tube drive control. And input peak LED.

Sharing the good News

There have been many people to use  this American Audio controller since it was designed. Those people have been pleasantly pleased with the results they saw. You can see this information for yourself by searching for reviews on the web. We would also like to share with you a couple of statements that have been made about this product.

Lilly j. of Portland, Oregon said this about the product:

“ I didn’t have a lot of money to spend but wanted to buy a product that would last for a while as It also made my lie easy. I certainly found that with the purchase of this controller. I love everything about it and am more than pleased with the purchase.”

Trey S. of Newport, Rhode island purchased the Ampeg from American Audio. Curious as to his reaction? We have it here! This is what Trey had to offer:

“ Rocking my crowd was the one and only thing that I was concerned about, and I can honestly say this am really helped me deliver the amazing performances that have helped me grow so tremendously in the area for so long now. I describe the amp as powerful, beautiful-sounding, and unique, as it allows you to completely control the way the music will sound. There is no chance of finding a lower-priced amp, and if you want to get the full package at a great price, this is  a top product!”

 Our Final Thoughts

While the selection of amps is large, you can make things simple by avoiding the rest and turning your needs to the amazing American Audio  Ampeg SVT 3 Pro amp. It has the features that you want and the quality that you need, all backed at a price that you can afford. It is highly recommended that you take a look at the SVT 3 and see what it can do for you! It is available for your purchase right now at a price that you will appreciate, so what are you waiting for when great music is waiting to be created?