Ernie Ball Stingray 5 Bass Guitar

Take a Look at the Stingray 5

The Ernie Ball Stingray 5 is a truly amazing five-string bass guitar. It offers plenty of excellent features that anyone who is serious about playing can appreciate. Here you will learn more about the Stingray 5 and why it is a bass that you should purchase when you want to create the music your ears have dreamed of.

A Look at Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball is a name all too familiar to musicians. His instruments have been around for so very long, with the first Fender release taking place in 1953. People trust that they are getting a top-quality instrument when the EB initials are attached.  For this reason Ernie Ball guitars and basses are considered to be top of the line instruments. The instruments are sold in more than 130 countries.


Ball was a musician himself, playing in beer joints in the Southern California area during his younger days. His line of basses are called Musicman, a company that was started after failing health caused the sale of Fender.

What are others Saying?

The Stingray 5 is a bass that has been in the hands of many bass players around the world. It is a remake of the classic 1974 model Stingray, and just as impressive as this first edition model. There are plenty of wonderful things being said about the bass, including this statement from Nathan Pickle of Omaha, Nebraska.

‘ I’ve used several basses during my time playing in a local band, but I can honestly say none have impressed me as well as the Stingray 5. The sound quality truly amazes me, and I love how easy it is to use. This is a bass that I would recommend anyone to use when they want to rock out like a pro.’

Mr. Pickle isn’t the only one who has rave reviews to tell you. Another Stingray user, Ron ‘Axl’ H. of Miami said:

‘ Best money I’ve ever spent. The sound is seductive, the handling is tremendous. The design really turns me on and I swear I get shaky and sweaty every time I hear the bass making its beautiful sounds.’

Sounds like these two users were pretty impressive with what they received. Imagine what you will feel when you use the bass if these statements stand true.

Stingray 5 Features

The Stingray 5 truly has it all. The active 3-band preamp starts things off, followed by the Musicman humbucking with hum-cancelling phantom coil and 3-way switching unique to the bass. The maple neck is comfortable and easy to hold and offers Schaller BM tapered-post tuners. There are volume, treble, and mid bass controls, making it super easy to perfect the sound that you are trying to achieve.

There are several color choices available with the Stingray 5. The maple color is the original of the 1970s, however you can take your style and make it all your own with colors such as Powder Blue and candy Apple Red also available. There are a ton of different color choices so everyone can easily pick the color that rocks their world.

Ernie Ball Stingray 5 Bass Guitar
The Stingray 5 is ready to go once you pull it out of the box. Everyone will enjoy the ability to start making music as soon as they make the purchase.

The Stingray 5 measures 13 3/8 inch wide, weighing 10 pounds. The bass is 34 inches to scale with an 11 inch neck radius and 9 inch headstock size. Frets offer a 22 high profile wide angel and a select maple neck fretted fingerboard.

The bass offers a hardwood body with high-gloss polyester finish and a standard chrome-plated, hardened steel bridge plate. The standard black or white pickguard is included with the option to choose colors such as White Pearloid, Black Pearloid, Shell or Vintage White Pearloid. You can truly find yourself with an amazing bass that is unique to you and your individual tastes and styles when you choose the Stingray 5 bass. How can you go wrong?

How to Buy the Stingray 5

If you are ready to rock n’ roll all night long, the Ernie Ball Stingray 5 should be a bass that you purchase right away. You will find it available at numerous locations both on the web and locally. The internet can even assist you in comparing prices and determining your best option for purchasing.   

The Overall Impression

With so very much to love about the Stingray 5, you can purchase this bass with complete confidence. No matter your style, no matter what you are looking for, the Stingray 5 will give it all to you as it leaves you feeling impressed. What are you waiting for? There is a great bass awaiting you! Now is the time to change that way that you play music and you will love the end results.

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