Fender Mustang Bass

Are you looking for a bass guitar that is classic from every angle? The Fender Mustang Bass meets that standard. The current generation of Fender Mustangs is a reissue of the original Mustang Bass (from 1964). It was developed for those who prefer a smaller instrument due to small hands or just preference.

It’s made with many of the same materials and has the great quality that Fender is known for. Let’s take a look at the Fender Mustang Bass’s rich history and how much people of all ages like to use them for a variety of purposes.


The Fender Mustang Bass was developed shortly after the Fender Mustang Guitars. They were developed in 1965 before Leo Fender left the company, and were then released in 1966. This bass has a short scale and a single split pickup, similar to its Precision Bass counterpart. It has both a volume and tone control. Like most basses in that day, the Mustang came with string mutes. Many times, bass players would remove the string mutes before they would play the bass guitar.

fender mustang bass
At its release in 1965, the Fender Mustang Bass came with red and white finishes. Like Fender’s guitar counterparts, they had a nitrocellulose lacquer finish for a couple of years until Fender transitioned to only using thick polyester finishes (approximately 1968). As time went on, the finishes could be red with white stripes, lake blue with lighter blue stripes, black, sunburst, and surf green (which is a “yellowed” version of the lake blue guitar).

There are a variety of other variants of the Fender Mustang Bass that have been reissued over the years, including the Musicmaster Bass variant and the Japan Fender reissue. But many people who love Fender products will always come back to the original Fender Mustang Bass that was developed in the 1960’s.

Why is the Fender Mustang Bass Popular?

Many people who collect instruments would love to get their hands on one of these bass guitars. They are known for their high quality sound, their versatility, the ability to adjust the sound to your wishes, and their adaptability to both large arenas and smaller stages. In general, the Fender Mustang Bass is considered to be the “last hurrah” of the original creator of Fender guitars, Leo Fender, and many bass players believe this to be one of the best bass guitars on the market.

Features and Specifications

The following are the standard features found on most Fender Mustang Basses. Color, size, controls, and other features may differ depending on the model and if any modifications have been made on the bass that you are purchasing.

• 30″ scale length
• Alder body
• Maple neck
• Split single-coil pickup
• Rosewood fretboard with dot markers and nickel frets (19 frets)
• Finish: Polyurethane
• Scale Length: 30″
• Pickups: 1 special-design split single-coil Mustang Bass pickup
• Controls: Volume, tone
• Bridge: Strings-thru-body with 4 individually adjustable saddles
• Machine Heads: Standard vintage-style
• Hardware: Chrome
• Pickguard: 4-Ply tortoise shell
• Width at Nut: 1.50″ (38mm)
• Position Markers: Dot inlays

Customer Testimonials

You want to hear what other people have to say about the Fender Mustang Bass? Here are some customer testimonials.
“I personally own a mid-70’s vintage model, which is MUCH heavier than this new one. The tone is spot on with the original, though! The neck is small & fast with EXTREMELY low action and no buzz. This thing can emulate an upright very convincingly if you add the string mute kit, which is one reason I have kept it all these years.” – Bart R.

“I have several high dollar bass’s that I use … I have to make note that for recording and capturing those old school P bass grooves this sweetheart is the berries. If you want to lighten your load and still have plenty of BIG bottoms this baby will deliver the goods. Small but Mighty, it’s a one trick pony that covers the bases.” – Jerry B.

“This is the bass to own. I’ve played hundreds of basses and they all had one problem, the neck was too big. The mustang’s neck is small and easy to move around making it easy to go from the highest frets to the lowest with little to no effort. Its small size and extremely light body makes it easy to stand on stage and play an extra long set or just tool around with it on the couch.” – Danny K.

Lots of people really like the Mustang and what it has to offer. But as any good musician knows, you don’t really know if something is good or not unless you try it out for yourself, right? So why not give the Fender Mustang Bass a try and see if it’s a good fit for you and your jams?

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