JBL FLIP 4 Flip4 Bluetooth Speaker, Camouflage

The only thing better than having a portable speaker is having a portable speaker that you resonate with based on its style. While you should never choose a speaker based solely on style, it’s amazing when a brand creates cool styles that express your unique personality when they already have an awesome track record. That’s exactly what JBL did. The Flip 4 is known for being an amazing portable speaker. With over 1000 good reviews, this speaker isn’t planning on going anywhere anytime soon. However, they recently introduced some new style options, and one is a camouflage version that is going to blow you away. Not only does it look amazing, but it also performs with the same vitality and vigor that all the other Flip 4 models perform with. JBL is a great brand that has amazing sound quality, and the camo design just makes it all that much better.

Best Features

Besides the amazing looks with the green, black, brown, and gray camouflage design, this speaker is also equipped with amazing features that you usually only find on more expensive models. The speaker of course has Bluetooth, so you can connect two phones or tablets at a time to take turns playing songs. This is important because when you switch out whose phone is playing, you don’t have to stop the music completely because they will already be set up on the system. The battery lasts a long time because it is a 3000mAH battery that has 12 hours of playtime. Forget about the spills and splashes because the Flip 4 is completely waterproof. You can even submerge it into water and you won’t have any issue. If you desire more than one speaker, the JBL connect+ feature allows you to connect more than 100 speakers at once! Imagine the kind of party that would need that many speakers! The sound quality is impressive.

What’s Included

With the camouflage version, you’re getting a really good bargain. Not only are you getting the speaker, but you’re also getting a charging cable and a carrying strap. It makes it so much easier!


The camo version is nice because it comes with the charging cable and strap, which many other Flip 4 models do not come with. The waterproof is amazing because you no longer need to worry about it being damaged. It lasts a lot longer than other portable speakers on the market. However, the real shine on this speaker is the sound quality. It’s crystal clear and sounds like surround sound. For its size, it is incredibly impressive.


The only con is that this model does not come with a wall charger. While it has the USB cord you’ll need to either come up with a wall plug in or just charge it on your computer.

Final Verdict

The Flip 4 is a speaker that you should not hesitate to purchase. The camouflage version is even better than the others, so it is really nice.