JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

A classic and sleek portable speaker that comes in the color black and still performs well without breaking the bank might sound like a fairytale, but it’s a fairytale that is about to come true. The Flip 4 is the next generation of the flip series made by JBL, a brand that’s been known and trusted for years to make some of the best stereo and sound equipment out there. Each of their speakers are made to last, and the Flip 4 in black is not any different. As soon as you start streaming your music, you’ll be glad that you spend the money on this. Not that it’s going to break the bank, because this high class speaker is just $80. Throw some epic parties at the beach or pool in your backyard, and then bring it all inside where you can play soothing tunes to get you ready for bed. This speaker is going to be your favorite new accessory, and the cool speaker can literally blend right in with your home décor since it is so modern and sleek looking. It’s the classy version of the portable speaker, and it’s coming to your home.

Best Features

This speaker is beyond powerful, and it might just blow your mind. It is extremely portable because it weighs less than a few pounds. You can put it in your backpack, car, suitcase, purse, or anything else and you won’t even notice it’s there. The durable and waterproof fabric this speaker is made with is designed to last through some of the hardest and cruelest environments. The battery is equipped to last up to 12 hours, meaning you can play continuous music without having to worry about charging it during the party. If you love to make conference calls, this speaker is made for you! With just a touch of a button you get the perfect speakerphone that has built in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone. Crystal clear conference calls are coming your way. With the ability to connect to multiple speakers using JBL connect+, this speaker is the speaker of your dreams.


The battery lasts a long time, which many portable speakers have problems with. You can also access Siri or Google Now from this speaker, which is easier when you’re wanting to make a call or search for a specific song. The material is durable but also soft, so you can feel good about carrying it around. The waterproofing is also a nice addition because you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged at a party.


A few simple things like a charging dock and a carrying handle could make this speaker better.

Final Verdict

Portable speakers can break down easily when you go with a brand that is not well known. Thankfully, this brand is well known. JBL is an amazing brand that you can trust. With all the complex features this speaker has, it is by far worth the $80 that you’ll spend on it.