JBL JBLCHARGE3REDAM Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Red)

Who doesn’t love to listen to music? There’s nothing better than relaxing and listening to some good tunes, especially when you’re surrounded by people you care about. However, sharing music isn’t the easiest thing if you don’t have a portable speaker to share the sound. Let’s be honest, there are a ton of portable speakers out there on the market, but a lot of them don’t come with the sound quality that JBL comes with. JBL is amazing, and they are known for their high quality speakers that they make. You won’t have to worry about their speakers breaking down or anything like that. You’ll just be left with an easy to take with you speaker that has some amazing sound. Once you see the features that this speaker has, you won’t want any other speaker out there.

Best Features

This speaker is packed with features that are usually only available on very expensive units. However, JBL has made them standard on their machines. Check them out below:

• Bluetooth – Wirelessly connect up to 3 smartphones or tablets to the speaker and take turns playing powerful stereo sound.
• Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 20 hours of playtime and charges smartphones and tablets via USB.
• IPX7 Waterproof
• Take crystal clear calls from your speaker with the touch of a button thanks to the noise and echo-cancelling speakerphone.
• Build your own ecosystem by connecting multiple JBL Connect enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience.


This speaker is truly one of the most portable on the market. At less than 2 pounds, you can stick this in your backpack or purse without any issue. It’s also so nice that it is waterproof. Most people worry about their speakers getting damaged, especially at a party. When there are a lot of substances involved, things break. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that with this speaker. It is made so well that it is practically indestructible! The speaker is easy to understand because the buttons are all labeled easily. Anyone can use this whether or not they use it regularly. Plus, at less than $100, it’s a bargain to buy.


Some people stated that the shape of the speaker is a little bit awkward. It’s much like a water bottle, so that might bother some people. However, it also has feet so that it won’t just keep rolling around like a bottle would.

Final Verdict

This is the speaker for music lovers and music fanatics alike. Whether you plan on using it every day or once a week, this speaker won’t disappoint. With the large battery and crystal clear sound, you’ll be wishing you had bought it earlier than you did! It comes highly recommended.