Korg D888 Digital Recording Studio

Get the Recording you need with the Korg D888 Digital Recording Studio

Musicians interested in recording amazing tunes should be interested in the Korg D888 Digital Recording Studio. This 8-input/8-ouput mixer and hard disk recorder makes it easy to record your favorite music, featuring a ton of benefits and a product that is simple and easy to use, straight out of the box.

 A Look at Korg

Korg has been a leader in musical equipment for more than 50 years. They make a full range of products that are sold at various dealers throughout the United States as well as other countries. The company has been around for so long because they are a brand that people know they can trust to provide them with quality time and time again.

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The Korg D888 Features and Benefits

The Korg D888 offers a ton of features and benefits that keeps it a top contender in the world of recording. It is very powerful, offering everything that you need to record like a pro in one simple unit. No computer is needed to use the D888and the input jacks, 3-band equalizer controls, trim knob, fader and pan knob are all lined straight for each channel, with the setting available just as easily. All of this and more is featured in the brilliant LCD screen that makes it so easy to see.

There is a great high-performance mic preamp offering TRS and XLR inputs along with a total of 48 volts of phantom power. It can be used as a standalone mixer or with each individual output, depending upon your needs.

Korg D888 Digital Recording StudioWith the D888 you will find the ability to play 8 tracks simultaneously, with 8 virtual tracks for a total of 64 different tracks, along with a stereo master track. The recording section of the D888 offers a ton of useful tools, including copy and swap operations, 100 market points, undo functions, redo functions, punch in and punch out, 11 digital master sound effects, a 3 band EQ and so much more.
Other features that re sure to be appreciated include the ability to edit the music right there with just a few clicks of the buttons, a high-speed USB port 2.0 and so much more. This is truly the one and only recording studio that you will ever need.

What do Other People say?

There are plenty of satisfied Korg D888 users, and chances are you will be just as happy with this amazing digital recording studio yourself. Take a look at what a couple of very happy Korg D888 users had to say.

Peter B. of San Antonin, Texas had this to say:” The D888 is an amazing studio for those who don’t want the hassle of needing a computer for recording. I am majorly impressed with the many features on the studio as well as the crystal clear sounds that are produced. This amazing instant studio is one that I would highly recommend.”

James M. Of Roanoke, Virginia wanted to share his experience as well, offering these words:

“Hands down this is the best recording studio your money can buy and I give it a 5-star rating. It has all of the features that I need to record music in no time, as well as the features to make it sound perfect. Best of all the B888 is affordable!


The Bottom Line

As a musician you want to know that you are using the best of musical equipment. When you chose the Korg name this is something that you will know you are doing. The D888 is a studio recording compact set that is perfect for all. It is worth the time and the money and you will never be disappointed with what you find.


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