Musicman Bongo 5

Are you looking for a bass that you can jam out with no matter where you are? A bass that fits most people’s lifestyles and looks unique from any other bass you’ve ever seen? Then keep reading this review; we’re going to take a good look at the Musicman Bongo 5 String Bass and how it may be a great choice for you for a new bass guitar.


Body and Sound of the Musicman Bongo 5

The Music Man Bongo 5 String is one of the most distinctive body styles offered by Music Man. The basswood is carved into a unique design that has both balance and response. It also has 5 bolts that jointed to a maple neck. The rosewood fingerboard is both comfortable and helps to enhance the awesome sound that it has. Throw in some great EQ that you can adjust on the bass itself and it seems like a great choice for anyone who likes to slap and kick the bass to the maximum.

musicman bongo 5
The body cavity is coated in resin, which helps to shield noise and create a fuller sound. Another thing that’s pretty cool about the Music Man Bongo 5 is the fact that it is incredibly loud. Many customers find that they don’t have to push the dial past 2 or 3, especially if they are working through an amp or a system; the bass is overpowering and has a great, rich tone.

Look and Feel of the Musicman Bongo 5

The Music Man Bongo 5 comes in eight different colors: Black, sterling silver, stealth black, sapphire black, blue pearl, candy red, tangerine pearl, and sky blue. The colored finish and matching headstock add together to make this bass very attractive; many customers who have purchased this bass are sure to point out all of the compliments that they get for its looks. The Music Man Bongo 5 has a variety of features that make it look like it cost a lot more than it does. The look and feel of the Bongo 5 is incredibly luxurious; many people say that they feel great playing it.


The following are the basic features that can be found on most models of the Musicman Bongo 5. You may see variations in things such as color and other features that are more related to the appearance than the sound. The place where you purchase your Musicman Bongo 5 can help you determine what models have what variations.

• Selected basswood carved body
• Radical body design
• Selected maple neck
• Rosewood fingerboard
• 5-bolt neck joint
• 4-band EQ
• Hardened steel bridge plate with stainless steel saddles
• Continuous pickup balance
• Tapered string posts
• Easily accessible truss rod
• Matching headstock

What do Other People Say about the Music Man Bongo 5?

The Music Man Bongo 5 seems like a pretty cool bass from the outside; what are other people saying about it? It’s always a good thing to consider what other people are saying about the instruments that you are checking out, because they may take notes of things that aren’t as obvious to other people or amateur musicians. Let’s take a look at a few customer statements and testimonials.

”Ok the Bongo bass. The Musicman Bongo 5 Bass is really cool, even though it can be a little tricky at first. I’m normally a P bass guy so all the bells and whistles are sometimes a little distracting; after awhile, I got used to it. But the Bongo is great and I think it looks awesome too. As with 99.9% of Music Man products, the construction quality, fit, and finish are immaculate.” – Isaac L.

“I’ve been playing different music styles for 10 years now, mostly rock, and I had a hard time looking for the correct sound. Now that I have this Bongo baby I’m totally playing with a fresh and unique sound. Only if you tweak here and a little there, you have yourself a different sound. This Bass is totally awesome!” – Dan B.

“I owned one of these for about a year. I played it in a country band, a tribute band, and a college ensemble. This bass has great electronics. I would set the EQ on my amp and use the frequency knobs in conjunction to add signal boost. However, the case that was included wasn’t deep enough to hold the bass and damaged the volume/pickup/EQ controls over time.” – Don Y.

As you probably know, you won’t truly know about the power of an instrument until you hold it in your own hands and jams a bit. There are definitely pros and cons to the Music Man Bongo 5, but it’s definitely worth giving a look at if you want a new 5 string bass to add to your instruments.

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