Evaluating the Musicman Stingray Bass


Looking for a bass built like a bunker? The Musicman Stingray is the bass for you! Simple and easy to use, versatile, sophisticated design and amazing sounds, this bass is as close to perfect as you can possibly get. It is a remake of the 1970s Stingray bass, and for those who are unable to obtain one of the classics, this will leave you just as impressed.

musicman stingray bass

Looking at the Stingray

The Stingray is a stunning bass guitar first made available in the early 1970s. It is moderately priced and well worth every single penny. Leo Fender established the Musicman brand after selling his original, Fender, after suffering with health problems.

Upon opening the box you will be ready to play. It features a number of features that can be appreciated, including professional quality, amazing sound and superb quality. The maple neck and fretboard are simply amazing. A 7.25 neck radius is similar to earlier versions of the Stingray and similar to Fender basses. The profile is simple, with a 1 5/8 inch at the nut. This bass makes you feel comfortable from the first touch.

There is a six-bolt neck joint on a rectangular plate with an easy-to-use truss rod. Thanks to this design you can avoid simple problems such as stripped corners or nut recessed deep in the headstock.

While the newer version of the Stingray is a bit heavier than the original, weighing 10 pounds, 4 ounces, this slight added weight is no big deal. It actually feels lighter than the earlier models! It is still every bit as comfortable as you could want.

Inside of the battery cavity there is a surface-mounted chrome plate instead of the plastic popup box most basses nowadays feature. There is also a two-band EQ with no switches. This makes it easy to product an enormous, brilliant sound with every touch. Despite there being no preset tone options, or any ability to determine where you’ve set the EQ, this bass still offers tons of features to love and is easy-to-play.

Colors & Choices

There are several choices in colors available for the Stingray. The natural color, the most popular since this was the one and only color of the original, is available only through the Musicman company. Other limited edition colors available only through the main company include Mint Green, Powder Blue, Tobacco Burst, Classic White and Coral Red. Additionally you will find choices in pickguards, covers and fingerboards. For example, you can choose a black or white pickguard, a black or white pickup cover and a maple or rosewood fingerboard. The original Stingray was available only with a maple fingerboard, something to keep in mind.

Everyone Loves the Stingray

The Stingray bass has been around for generations. Since the very beginning it has provided quality sound, setting the standards for a bass guitar. It offers something for everyone who enjoys playing the bass. Take a peek at a few of the things that bass players have said about this amazing bass.

“ The Stingray bass is one-of-a-kind. It is a bass that no other piece can touch. Superior sound, easy-to-play and high-quality, this 1970s reproduction has definitely pleased me.”

I love rockin’ the show playing with the Musicman Stingray. It is such a pleasure to hold in my hands, to strum each chord and feel the magnificent power behind the instrument. I chose the Candy Apple Red and will forever cherish it.”

“ After trying without success to find an original 1970s Stingray I decided to go ahead and purchase one of the new releases, unsure if it would really live up to the expectations that I desired. Man was I worried for nothing! This bass is as close to the original as one could want, and despite a few different and missing features, I could not ask for a better bass.”

Makes you feel pretty confident doesn’t it? These are only a handful of the many satisfied Stingray customers. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy something so amazing for yourself?

Buying the Stingray

The Stingray bass can be found at Musicman stores as well as the company’s online website. It is also available at guitar retail stores across the web and the world. While select colors are available only with the manufacturer, most colors are available at any of the musical instrument stores that carry the bass. The cost of the Stingray will vary according to a number of factors, with the average cost between $1500 and $4000.

The Final Verdict

If you are looking for a bass that is built nicely, designed brilliantly and offers stunning sound, this is the instrument that you simply must own. It is a versatile bass that is straightforward, styled with an amazing retro style and will never let you down.

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