Bogner Alchemist 1×12 Guitar Amplifier

Bogner Alchemist 1×12 Guitar Amplifier Exposed

Guitar enthusiasts have been eager to try the Bogner Alchemist 1×12, and for good reason. Anything Reinhold Bogner is willing to put his name on is sure to be of the highest quality. German born and raised, Bogner moved to Los Angeles in 1989 where he made a name for himself by modifying and repairing amps for some famous names in the early 1990s music scene. After completely overhauling Eddie Van Halen’s amp, he made a name for himself and Bogner Amplification was on its way.

The Alchemist 1×12 is built upon the same principles of his other amps. Though made in China, unlike his line of American made products, the quality has not suffered at all. The craftsmanship is a combination of sophisticated circuits, currents, metal, and wood. The result is the player having complete authority over the sound due to meticulous controls and multiple effects and tonal options.

These are one of the most reasonably priced of Bogner’s line and the quality does not suffer at all. Not to be overwhelmed by the number of options this amp offers, musicians should rest assured that the amp is very user friendly and just takes a few minutes of playing around to realize that the amp is very intuitive and despite the complexity of offerings, it’s actually very user friendly.

What Features Does It Have?

The Bogner Alchemist has a 1×1 open back combo and a matching 2×12 open back cabinet with a 100 watt head. It is 6L6 loaded, class AB-powered, and 40-watts. It does have the option for a 20-watt stand by option, in addition to the normal 40-watt option. It features two channels, each controlling different factors.

Gold channel, also known as channel 1 is the clean channel, with slider switches for clean/crunch, in addition to knobs for gain, treble, middle, bass, and volume controls. There’s more, though, including a pair of switches f or channel switching and solo boost.

Mercury channel, also known as channel 2, is in charge of the effects. Like the gold channel, it also has controls for gain, treble, bass, middle, and volume, but the options don’t stop there. Mercury also features switches for punch, bright, and mid shift. To explain further, the punch option gives midgain rhythm and lead notes with a Fender-style tone if you switch it to the left. To the right, you’ll get more of a British, high gain flavor.

The bright option is found on both channels and allows the user to customize the channel for his guitar. Mid shift to the left gives a more focused tone adjustment, whereas the right broadens the effect of the controls.

Continuing with Mercury channel’s features, we come to the effect section with delay and reverb. Within these two categories, we also have 3 options each. The delay signal gets applied in parallel to your dry signal so that it never goes through the internal effect unit. Here you have a ducking option, which is a digital delay to respond automatically to your volume. The analog option is a classic delay pedal with a rich sound. Lastly, the tape option provides classic darkening echoes.

As for reverbs, you have the options for plate, spring, or hall.

Of course, you also have the standard power and standby switches, and as mentioned, there is a 20-watt option in addition to the 40-watt.

Lastly, there’s a 4 option footswitch that allows you to select the channel, boost, delay, and reverb with your foot.

What Are Musicians Saying?

Jonny is a happy owner of a Bogner Alchemist 1×12 saying, “I’ve got it and it’s a beautiful amp…The sound is amazing…it was a deal, never been happier.”

One member of the band Institute of Noise has said, “It’s a solid, well-built amp and sounds great for the price! So far I’ve gigged with it and had stellar results. The delay and reverb are really great. One cool feature I like about the 2 channels is the way the drive knobs functions.”

It’s important to factor in cost and reputation into your amp purchase. With a Bogner, you know you’re getting top of the line quality that has been tested by Bogner himself and tweaked until it’s the best. While you’re getting such high quality, you’re also not paying through the nose for it, which needs to be included in the decision. Why spend a ton of money on a more expensive amp when you could spend less and get the same sound from it? If no one, including yourself, will be able to tell the difference, why waste the money? The Bogner Alchemist 1×12 will hold up in any situation, whether playing in your garage, at a gig in front of an audience, or in the studio recording new tracks.