Bogner 412 Guitar Amplifier Cabinets

Bogner 412 Guitar Amplifier Cabinets Reviewed

Do you rock the bass, or does your bassist need an upgrade? Have you been digging around for the best small amp for your bass? Now you’ve found it… what about putting it in a cabinet? Are there cabinets that don’t sacrifice the sound, but, instead, amplify it as they should?

If you are looking for a great, small amp cabinet to rock out with, you should take a look at the Bogner series of amp cabinets. One of their most renowned cabinet series is the 4×12 series. These amps are meant for that “clunky” bass tone that millions of people enjoy while they’re jamming. These 4x12s have a sound that is rich, fat, and woody, which give them this amazing bassy sound that you can’t get from anywhere else.

The Bogner 4×12 series has four different cabinets available for you to check out, depending on what your needs may be as a musician. Let’s take a look.

Bogner 4x12SL

If you’re looking for a model that can offer the rockin’ tone that 4×12’s are known for, try the 4x12SL and the 4×12 ST. The Bogner site describes the sound as “pulpy” like fresh squeezed orange juice (except, it’s got wood pulp instead). This cabinet is definitely one of the best out there when seeking that bassy sound in your amp.

  • 100W, 4×12″ extension cabinet
  • Closed with a slanted front
  • Features four Vintage 30 speakers
  • Dimensions: 30″ x 30″ x 14-1/8″
  • Includes casters
  • 16 ohm speakers, 16 ohm impedance
  • Two metal bar side handles

Bogner 4x12ST

The 4×12 ST is similar to the 4×12 SL in a lot of ways. As you can see, that makes many of the specs exactly the same as the 4×12 SL. But, there are differences in the sound that you can’t see from a list of specs – the difference between slanted (the SL) and straight (the ST) fronts definitely changes it up somewhat, especially when you’re listening to the tones in the mids.

  • 100W, 4×12″ extension cabinet
  • Closed with a straight front
  • Features four Vintage 30 speakers
  • Dimensions: 30″ x 30″ x 14-1/8″
  • Includes casters
  • 16 ohm speakers, 16 ohm impedance
  • Two metal bar side handles

Ubercab 4×12

The Ubercab (Uberkab) is a straight cabinet that maximizes the low end while cutting the mids and highs. This was specially created for the Twin Jet and Uberschall amplifiers. Sure, you can use a normal cabinet for them, but why do that when the Ubercab was specially made for them? They offer the same chunky bass tones and woody sound that the other 4×12 models offer.

  • Black front speaker grill
  • Celestion V30 and G12T75 speakers
  • 8 ohms
  • Power handling: 210 watts RMS
  • Impedance: 8ohm
  • Speakers: 2 – Celestion vintage 30; 2 – Celestion G12T75s
  • Cabinet material: multi-ply birch
  • Dimensions: 30-3/4″H x 29-3/4″W x 14″D

4x12O Amp

The 4×12 O is an open back amp that reduces the “in your face” feeling that other 4x12s give you, without losing the sound. It’s also smaller than other cabinets, which gives it a balanced bass sound.

–          Black front speaker grill

–          16 Ohms

–          Celestion GB25 and G12H30 speakers inside

–          Multi-ply birch

–          Smaller dimensions than the other three models, to create a different sound

–          100 W

What are people saying about the Bogner 4×12 series?

Now that we’ve seen the cabinets, let’s see what people have to say about the Bogner 4×12 series. Check out what these happy 4×12 owners have to say.

“This cab has an insane amount of low-end projected, and it’s very tight. Palm mutes just thump compared to the Marshall, in fact, everything sounds tighter and more articulate. With my acoustic, those lows are just huge. This cab stays clean much louder than the Marshall, and it really shows with the clarity I get on acoustic. A very nice cab, one of the best you can buy at any price.”

“One word, perfection. Nothing else needs to be said about this cabinet, it’s just incredible. This thing just sounds killer with my 5150 and my Engl, makes them sound WAY better than with other cabs I’ve owned/played. The bass response is just huge, but it isn’t loose at all, very tight and just crushing. One thing I noticed immediately was the amount of crunch this cab added, something I’ve been looking for and until now, didn’t have.” – Manny D.

So, now that we’ve seen what happy owners are saying, why don’t you consider a Bogner 4×12 for your next 4×12 cabinet? There’s nothing that can compare with the awesome sounds you get from Bogner Amplification, and the customization available is absolutely amazing, so why not check them out today?