Bogner 212 Guitar Amplifier Cabinets

Bogner 212 Guitar Amplifier Cabinets – Check Out Their Specs

Do you want a cabinet that can really support the sound that you’re looking for in an amplifier head, without sacrificing the vintage look that you’re looking to achieve? Bogner Amplification has a variety of cabinets available for you and your band that can give you the best look and sound, and many of those cabinets are customizable and versatile so that you can use them in any environment, whether on stage or jamming at home.

bogner 212 guitar amplifier cabinets
The most popular amp cabinets that Bogner developed are the Bogner 2×12’s. The Bogner 2x12s come wired in parallel to 8 ohms. There are four different cabinets in this series, and in this article, we’re going to look at all 4 of the 2×12 amps that Bogner has available currently. These include the Bogner 2x12C, the 2×12 OS, the 2×12 OGF, and the 2×12 CB. These are all high quality and can be customized to exactly what your needs are.

Bogner 2x12C

The 2x12C is a large-sized model with a closed back (you have the option of getting an open back, if you wish). It includes the following features.

–          Fixed (slightly angled) baffle board with removable grill

–          Matches 4×12 straight cabinet construction

–          Two metal bar side handles

–          Top handle

–          Removable casters (sliding base-plate)

–          Large inside creates “huge” sound.

–          Flexible, can be converted to open back.

–          Rear panels available

–          Two Celestion Vintage 30 12″ speakers

–          Multi-ply birch construction

–          Tolex covering

Bogner 2×12 OS

The Bogner 2×12 OS is a traditional style amp cabinet in terms of size, construction, and dimensions as some of the 2×12 combos offered by Bogner. This is the basic “ordinary” amp cabinet that is used for many amplification models that Bogner offers. Here are the included features:

–          Open back only

–          Top handle

–          Heavy duty rubber feet

–          Two Celestion Vintage 30 12″ speakers

–          Multi-ply birch construction

–          Tolex covering

–          Side handles

–          Includes casters

Bogner 2×12 OGF

This amp was created especially for the Goldfinger amplifier, which is an amplifier that has a unique size and shape. Here are the features included in this model.

–          50 watt power handling

–          Retro style

–          Most resonant cabinet available.

–          Can be used with any amplifier

–          Open-back design (offers big, lively sound and vintage feel)

–          One 12″ Celestion Greenback 25 speaker, one 12″ Celestion G12H30 speaker

–          Multi-ply birch construction

–          Tolex covering

–          Side handles

–          Rubber feet

Bogner 2×12 CB

Similar to the 4x12s that Bogner offers, the Bogner 2×12 is built to be paired with other speakers in order to get some awesome sounds. But, you can use it by itself too – the best part about the 2×12 CB is the fact that it’s incredibly versatile!

–          Power handling: 60 watts RMS

–          Impedance: 8 or 16ohm

–          Speakers: 2 x Celestion vintage 30s

–          Cabinet material: multi-ply birch

–          Low profile

–          Closed back

–          Intended for stacking with a 4×12

–          Full sound (recommended for high gains)

–          Rear loaded speakers (can be special ordered with front)

–          Also available in a vertical version (to help with stacking and such)

Bogner 2×12 Reviews

Now that you’ve taken a look at the 2×12 amp cabinets, you may be considering one for yourself. If you’re considering any of the amps in the Bogner 2×12 series, then check out these reviews from happy Bogner 2×12 owners.

“This cabinet produces a clear, even sound without any rattles or other unwanted noises. I use it with a Marshall YJM 100 head for recording Pop/Rock originals in a project studio. Big sounding but not muddy like my Mesa Recto 2×12 could be at times, the Bogner cab has an exceptionally even distribution of frequencies, despite the Celestion V30 speakers being themselves a little scooped in the midrange.” – Tanuki S.

“A good cab is built well with good materials and has the right dimensions! Bogner nails this formula with their cabs. Bogner makes the best cabs, period. They sound amazing with any good amplifier and work well in any recording or gigging/performance environment. They are built rock-solid and the dimensions provide the perfect balance of punch and drive, with room filling ambience. No harsh frequencies or directional ear-piercing tone to be found. “ – Jordan M.

“I can’t say anything bad about this speaker cabinet. Looks and responds great. Get the Bogner Alchemist head to go with it. You won’t find a better rig. I’ve had Marshall, Fender, Custom and Pevey amps, but the Bogner is hands down the best I’ve ever played.” – Douglas B.

So, there you have it. If you’re looking for a great speaker cabinet for your amps, then consider one of the amps in the Bogner 2×12 series. Check them out today!