Rerii Handmade Walnut Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker

When you’re not a basic person, the last thing you want to do is buy a basic product. Portable speakers seem to all look the same. They have that classic modern rectangular or circular look, and they are not unique at all. While they might perform just fine, you deserve better when you are one of the unique ones. Rerii knows this, which is why they made a speaker just for unique people like you. This portable Bluetooth speaker looks like it came from the past, but it has all the features of the modern portable speakers today. What you’re left with is an amazing experience that is just as beautiful as it sounds. Get ready to get a lot of questions about this speaker because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever known! People will be begging to get their hands on something as unique and cool as this, and little do they know that they’d only need to shell out $60 for their own. You don’t have to tell them though, that’s the great thing about being unique.

Best Features

The design is absolutely beautiful. It is handmade and made with natural walnut wood. The warm color and vintage look will match perfectly with the other wood in your house. The dimensions are 135 x 60.5 x 79.5mm. The speaker is easy to connect to via Bluetooth, and the rich sound comes out of the wooden speaker. It’s clear and never fuzzy, and it even has bass. The volume is easily loud enough to fill a room or an office, so you can play your tunes all around the house. It only takes a few seconds to connect to the speaker, but you can continue playing your music all night long with the 15 hour battery life. The great thing about this speaker is that it also has FM and AM radio, so you can listen to your favorite stations. The included micro USB cable acts as an antenna to get you the best reception.

What’s Included

When you purchase this you will get the speaker, a carrying bag, a micro USB cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a user manual.


This speaker is really unique, and it has some features like the radio transmission that a lot of other speakers do not have. It’s also really easy on the wallet because it’s only going to cost you $60. It’s small enough to keep on your desk or move it around with you as you switch rooms throughout your house.


This speaker won’t hold up to water, and it is a bit more fragile than other portable speakers because of its wooden construction.

Final Verdict

If you want a unique speaker and you don’t need to worry about kids or irresponsible adults handling it, then this speaker will work just fine for you. At just $60, it’s a great deal that you can’t find for many other speakers. The unique design also makes it worth it!