Sterling Musicman Bass Guitar

Sterling Musicman Bass Guitar – A Great Choice For All Serious Musos

Are you looking for the great Musicman bass guitar sound without paying a lot of cash for it? Then you may want to look at the Sterling series of bass guitars. They’re affordable and many bassists recommend them for their quality and their sound. This review will cover the history and features of the Sterling series.

sterling musicman bass guitar

History and Creation

The Musicman Sterling is a model of bass guitar designed by Musicman and named by Sterling Ball (son of founder Ernie Ball). The Sterling series was developed as an alternative to Musicman’s other lines of bass guitars, and for a lower price. Many of the Sterling basses are lighter, smaller versions of other similar bass guitars. This series of bass guitars was specifically developed for people who wanted more variety than other modern basses, but with the same simplicity and quality that Musicman products have been known to possess.

Pros of the Sterling by Musicman Series

– Incredibly affordable when compared to other bass guitars of the same caliber and design.
– Many people like the innovation in the Sterling by Musicman series’ design.
– One trait of Sterling by Musicman is that, even though they are affordable, they still have a number of options available for the bass player that knows how to utilize them.
– They are available in a variety of colors and a variety of types, each of which has their own perks.
– Most Sterling by Musicman basses are recommended by bass players at every level.

Sterling Musicman Bass Guitar

Cons of the Sterling by Musicman Series

– Some people have discussed how the Sterling series doesn’t last as long due to the woods that are used, or that they don’t take “beatings” as well, so you may have to take extra care.
– Others have seen colors fade over the years, but this is a common problem with bass guitars.
– Some members of the Sterling by Musicman series are a little large, and may not be accommodating to those with smaller hands.


There are a variety of different features available with all of the different Sterling by Musicman models available on the market. Here are some of the basic features that you will find on all Sterling models. Some of these may differ depending on which model you are looking at, but these are some of them that you can expect to find.

• Maple neck
• Rosewood fingerboard
• 21-22 frets
• 6-bolt Music Man designed neck joint
• Music Man Designed Humbucking Pickup
• Music Man Designed 3-band Active Preamp
• Music Man Designed Bridge with stainless steel saddles
• 34” scale
• Open gear heavy duty tuners
• Spoke Wheel truss rod adjustment
• Heavy duty gig bag included
• Ernie Ball bass strings: .045, .065, .080, .100
• Nut width: 43mm (1.69″)
• Available in a variety of colors (several shades of black, white, blue, and red, and other colors as well).

Customer Testimonials

If you are looking at Sterling by Musicman model of bass, then you’re probably looking for quality and performance. And what better way to learn about the quality and performance of Sterling by Musicman than by hearing what some Sterling owners have to say about their Sterling models.

“The Sterling is a sweet piece! Great tonal variation and active electronics. Midpoints on the tone knobs is a nice touch as well. The neck is by no means chunky and it feels like a dream. It is a very reliable bass that is road-ready! Plays and sounds like a high-end Musicman and sounds great with slap playing. If you are looking for an excellent bass for under this price, then this is definitely a bass to test drive and consider purchasing.” – Jack J.

“As a young 18 year old player it is tough to find a good instrument you want to play with for many years to come with a limited budget, and still be able to pay this price. You can play literally any kind of music you want on it with all the options, turn the treble and bass up for some nasty slapping’, turn the treble down and the bass and mid way up and it’s a P-bass, and everything in between.” – Matt M.

“I am a Fender guy. I want to say that right off the bat. To me the Fender Jazz Bass and Rickenbacker 4003 were the greatest basses ever made, period. THEN I played this bass. Needless to say, I rethought my opinion. The neck is perfect, no dead spots. It’s great for the beginner or the expert.”– Dominick M.

All good musicians know that you don’t truly know whether or not an instrument is for you until you try it yourself. From these reviews, the Sterling by Musicman series may be something for you to check out and add to your bass collection.


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